Software, crafted for a purpose.

Most will agree, there is a distinct difference in the look and feel of a tailored suit when compared to an off-the-shelf suit. Most would agree that tailored anything will be better than a rough-estimate. However, in many cases, tailored work is just out of budget.

At Citadel, we strive to be different. Offering some of the best rates in the nation, we provide tailored, curated, and precise custom software. While we offer unbeatable prices on our work, we never cut corners in quality.

We also hate nickels and dimes. Your consultation, as many of them as you’d like, is always free.

Agile Development

Our software is built with a modernized development cycle. This propels turn-around times, reduces errors, and increases precision.

Human Heuristics

What good is functional software without a good user interface? Our developers are trained on human heuristics, enabling us to create a productive interface.

Easy Integration

From day one to year one, your users will be versed on your heuristic enabled system. Your software comes with full documentation, and can even come with developer lead training.

Function and Value

Offering some of the best, flat rates in the nation, our proven methods and results not only solve a problem – they don’t create another in the process.

Some of our capabilities.

We’d love to show you what we can do.

Web Applications

Mobile Integration

Desktop Applications

Cloud Applications

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Database Development

Agile Project Management

Git Source Control

We <3 Mobile

Whether your project needs native app support, or simply needs to be accessed on the mobile web. You’re covered.

Full Stack Development

We offer full-stack development on our projects, including cloud and hardware integration.

cost effective

Did we mention that we offer some of the best rates in the nation?

Awarded developers

Our developers have won awards for their works in their fields. We think you’ll love them, too.

Don't procrastinate.

Your new software awaits.

We never have, and never will charge for an estimate or as many consultations as you need. Software is affordable, and we can prove it.